RUNNING ORDER (ˈrʌnɪŋ ˈɔːdə ) noun.

The order in which the items come in a broadcast, concert or show.

RUNNING ORDER was founded in 2020 in New York City, and officially released their first collection in 2022.

Merging the worlds of techno and sport, and designing for all bodies across the gender spectrum. The concept comes from years of raving and running, and realizing that those two worlds share the same needs for performance, function, movement, and sweat. With a strong emphasis on designing for and making space for the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and BIPOC bodies. 

Dedicated to technically-engineered and constructed functional clothing that enables individuals to push their limits — on the track, the dance floor, and wherever their bodies take them.

RUNNING ORDER connects through self-expression with bodies in motion.

RUNNING ORDER manufacturing factory in San Francisco

Our factory in San Francisco is one of the lead manufacturers of technical sports apparel in the USA. Proudly manufacturing uniforms for the US Olympic athletes, they stand behind positive pay wages and safe conditions for their workers.

Running Order New York City factory

One of two factories: made in New York City. Fair wages, ethical working conditions, and home to many designer brands based in NYC. Supporting immigrants from South America and the Far East. All garments are cut, sewn, laminated, and produced right in Manhattan's garment district.

Running Order New York City factory

Made in New York City. Small batch production, and one of the few manufacturers left in the USA where they can sew, laminate, bond, and cut garments. Much of this knowledge and know-how has left the USA. We'd like to help support keeping this industry alive, just as they support us as a growing business. We are grateful for our manufacturing partners.

RUNNING ORDER manufacturing factory in San Francisco

Responsible clothing partners based in Peru, our factory partner manufactures high quality garments made with locally-sourced and traceable cottons to minimize their carbon footprint. WRAP, GOTS and Fair Trade certified.


Committed to use recycled, considered, and sustainable materials.

We are focused on designed solutions and innovative technologies. Our design process utilizes 3D technology throughout the development cycle to reduce, minimize, and prevent waste while increasing efficiency.

To reduce the global impact of each item we carefully produce our garments from Oeko-Tex, Bluesign Certified, deadstock, or locally-sourced fabrics. The factories we cooperate with are handpicked and next to the highest quality in manufacturing ensure fair conditions and wages for their employees.

Our Design Ethos

RUNNING ORDER believes in design beyond single functions.

Each collection is precise in design, uncompromising in sustainability, liberating in movement and always unisex. We fit all our garments on a woman, man, and non-binary model to ensure that all genders and bodies are considered.

We design to enable movement, to find commonality and belonging with each other.

Gear to last the longest weekends and most intense trips without compromise in sustainability or functionality.