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Does exercising/dancing influence your creativity or your overall well-being?

Yes, of course. It's as important as eating and sleeping, I feel it does a similar job as meditating for my brain.

What's your favorite workout activity?

Yoga, bike riding, aerobics.

How does the energy and power of others (at a party/rave) influence you? What is the bliss point for you when you're being active?

It fills me with joy, gratitude and love. 

What is the energy like in South American raves? What distinguishes it, makes it so special and distinct from the US, Europe, etc.?

In São Paulo you can feel the sensation of enlightened energy, of being free. There is no excluding people, it's new and young, it's old and mature. We all play and release together.

There is a sensation of enlightening and this uplifting energy, and in Paraguay, there is a whole new scene doing outdoor parties in the woods as proper raves. The dance moves are different, unique, and more free, you really see people being themselves

You get a mix of multi-generations sharing lineups, including myself. Now I play and release music with some of my first favorite artists from when I was younger.

Does the scene, the community, and the ravers influence your music? And how does it influence your active life (exercises/runs)?

Yes 100%, I mean, if you are a creative person you will be influenced by your surroundings no matter what it's like... 

Dance music got first into my life through exercising when I was just a 10-year old doing jazz dance, Olympic gymnastics, aerobics, and watching video clips, as the 90's commercial radio music was the golden era of dance music.

I've always related dance music with exercising. Nowadays I listen to it while biking mostly, It takes me somewhere else and makes me super creative and relaxed. 

3 words to describe your mindset for 2022.

Discipline, health, creativity.

Tell us about a recent memory of a challenging run or workout? How did it feel to you afterwards?

I am not a person that uses exercise in that way, to feel I have won something or challenged myself - I see it more like a therapy for my mental and physical health.

It helps me with anxiety, it boosts my serotonin. So the most challenging thing here is to keep this self-love routine and never forget how important it is and how it improves you after every time you do it.